TrueVue Digital Health Solutions

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TrueVue Digital Health Solutions

A portfolio of products and services to help you optimize CRRT therapy delivery by providing opportunities to improve productivity & efficiency.

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TrueVue Connect

Allows your PrisMax system to wirelessly and securely connect to the EMR, allowing your CRRT staff to spend less time on documentation, helping them to refocus time on direct patient care.

Saves 16 minutes of nurse time per hour by eliminating manual charting

Reduces the risk of transcription error

Track Treatment Delivers VS Prescriptions And Remove Barriers to Help Close The Gap

TrueVue Therapy Management

Enhances your Baxter partnership with ongoing consultations dedicated to analyzing key CRRT program metrics to help reduce costs and improve workflow efficiencies.

Individual TrueVue customers have seen up to a 25% reduction in access/return alarms*

Individual TruVue customers have seen up to a 70% increase in filter life*

Individual TruVue customers have seen up to a 14% reduction in lost treatment time*

*Baxter Data. CRRT Program Data Analytics Case.

TrueVue Therapy Management: Data Driven CRRT

Michael Olesen, RN, walks through an example report and explains how TRUEVUE Analytics helps you to better analyze your CRRT data, set benchmarks and optimize patient treatment.