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Supporting clinicians by uniting innovative therapies in complex critical care environments

Meet Our Portfolio of Critical Care Therapies

Integrated Care Solutions is uniting leading technologies for today's critical care complexities and the next generation of innovative therapies to support clinicians in the work of saving and sustaining lives.

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We're strengthening our commitment to critical care and shaping the future of personalized care by:

  • Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration to foster clinical success
  • Advancing cirtical care therapies tailored to individual patient needs to enhance outcomes
  • Improving the therapy delivery experience to empower clinicians
  • Providing expert guidance on the front lines of intensive care units to support clinicians
  • Continuing to invest in the next generation of critical care therapies to increase treatment efficiency
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Acute Therapies

We partner with you on the front line of intensive care, so you can help deliver accurate, effective, and efficient treatment for ICU patients with acute kidney injury (AKI) and other acute renal conditions. We support acute therapy clinicians with our CRRT Systems, Filters, Solutions, Therapy Optimization, and Education. 

The Starling Monitor offer an accurate, reliable, and non-invasive method to measure flow at the patient's core

Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System

The Starling system is a 100% non-invasive fluid management monitoring system that provides clinicians with the confidence to respond to ever-changing patient status and dose IV fluids according to patient response. Only the Starling system offers an accurate, reliable, and non-invasive method to measure flow at the patient's core and deliver meaningful insights to guide clinical decision-making. 

Acute Therapies & Patient Monitoring

Baxter Integrated Care Solutions invites you to visit the Acute Therapies & Patient Monitoring virtual ICU, which highlights our suite of critical care therapies and products. As you immerse yourself in our virtual experiences you will find our diverse portfolio of products that support critical care. Whether it’s in the ICU environment or our Response to COVID-19 section, you will find a variety of helpful information covering our portfolio of products and therapies. 

Baxter Portfolio of Renal Acute products in the ICU

ICU Virtual Exhibit

Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19 Virtual Exhibit

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Baxter Critical Care Institute

At Baxter Critical Care Institute, we strive to increase confidence in therapy delivery throughout your hospital. By taking a versatile multi-channel approach to education, our programs are developed to help simplify processes while increasing consistency and safety. We customize training programs to align with the unique needs of your hospital, ICU, and staff. Global insights and knowledge-sharing ensure that our educational offerings are always state-of-the-art.

Rx only. For safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the appropriate Operator's Manual or Instructions for Use.